Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The bathroom before another renovation post lol

So as I mentions a long long long time ago that we were going to start the bathroom after finishing the living room. Well we have started and we are almost done. I should of took pictures during as well as before and after. I think on our next project which will be the kitchen I will and blog through the whole process. I dunno made I can help another do it yourselfer on a a budget. I doubt it but it could happen. So without further ado he is our old nasty bathroom before. Just to give you some back ground. Before Kenny painted it orange for some god awful reason the previous owners had it hand painted a off white sponged with a forest green and they had smoked inside so it had that yellow cast to it. So the orange was a step up. I'm so glad it's gone.

So far on the bathroom we have painted everything and got new hardware. We still have yet to replace the floor and put a new toilet in. I will post pictures of the new paint tomorrow. I have to clean the bathroom so I can get pictures lol. 

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