Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy busy busy

Once again I have slacked on the posting but what can you do. Life doesn't slow down to blog. SO much has been happening. FOr starters my baby is talking and trying to walk. I am back in school. I know so fun but I am determined to graduate form college. d & b has been doing great. I have about 4 sessions a weekend sometimes more and we are getting ready to launch the website :). And the biggest thing of all Ellie is about to turn one! Thats right in less then 3 weeks my baby will be the big 1. I was sad but now I am more excited then ever.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The living room update

So the living is about done Kenny finished most of it over spring break I know I'll a little behind but the living room hasn't changed much. We still have to finish decorating and the red is going bye bye here soon so that wall is not yet done. But here is the new paint and new floors.

So above is Kenny and his dad cutting the last sections of the carpet. Below is Ellie helping. lol

I don't have a picture of the red wall yet to be redone but I will get one here soon. and I'll do the kitchen before pictures. 

The bathroom before another renovation post lol

So as I mentions a long long long time ago that we were going to start the bathroom after finishing the living room. Well we have started and we are almost done. I should of took pictures during as well as before and after. I think on our next project which will be the kitchen I will and blog through the whole process. I dunno made I can help another do it yourselfer on a a budget. I doubt it but it could happen. So without further ado he is our old nasty bathroom before. Just to give you some back ground. Before Kenny painted it orange for some god awful reason the previous owners had it hand painted a off white sponged with a forest green and they had smoked inside so it had that yellow cast to it. So the orange was a step up. I'm so glad it's gone.

So far on the bathroom we have painted everything and got new hardware. We still have yet to replace the floor and put a new toilet in. I will post pictures of the new paint tomorrow. I have to clean the bathroom so I can get pictures lol. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Can't decide (Vote on your left)

So as part of Ellie's 1st birthday invitations and pictures that will be displayed at her party we are taking special  birthday pictures. As part of the picture I want Ellie to be wearing a 1st birthday hat from  etsy. After looking and searching all morning I have it narrowed down to one seller and a few different hats. I need your help deciding which will look the best. For the pictures she will wear a matching diaper cover and for the party I'll make her a matching number onesie and most likely a black pettiskirt or a mathing one. Not sure on the pettiskirt yet.

Here are the choices:







Not forgotten

No I have not forgot about this blog I have been preparing and getting my how too and reviews ready to post. Hopefully within the next few weeks I will have enough ready where it will be continuous posting everyday. :) I have also been busy launching my Photography and getting ready for Ellie's 1st Birthday. Oh and not to mention we are almost done renovating the Bathroom pictures soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I would like to take a moment and tell all the fathers out there Happy Father's Day wether your child be grown, an infant, yet to be born, or in the clouds. I hope you all are having a wonderful, amazing day! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Upcoming how to's

1) Tutu
2) Nursing cover
3) Ring Sling
4) Flower Clip
5) Diaper Clutch
6) Baby hooded towel
7) Number Onesies
8) Blanket and matching pillow case

If there's anything you would like me to try and make and break down just lave a comment or email me your suggestions. As of right now these are all things that will be in my shop on etsy.